call center Outsourcıng IN TURKEY


call center

Our ready to go operation floor allows us to start up fast.


We can use your own CRM or we can customize the best CRM’s like Salesforce,Zoho,Zendesk,Microsoft Dynamics in the industry for your needs.

TElephony SYSTEM

IVR,CTI,ACD,Call Recording,Voice Message,Performance & Quality Management.

Latest Technology

We follow the industry standards. Workstations are up to date and the configuration are more than enough to meet your requirements.


Profiling, Job listing,Finding and Hiring the right people for you.

reportıng & ANALYSIS

We customize our systems to deliver the reporting you need.

Quality Management

We use the best practises and industry standards like COPC in our Quality management processes.

workforce management

Our workforce management ensures that we have enough people on board during the day and intraday.

performance management

Our performance management methodology ensures that individual performance measurement is fair and pinpoint the issues.

traınıng & coachıng

Internal training and coaching ensures that everyone has the same knowledge.


  • We have the ability to provide outsourcing for your Call Center Operations
  • We set up in our location
  • We keep available seats for the new clients to speed up the startup phase
  • We are ready to go bilingual or multilingual operation

e-maıl support

sales & customer acquısıtıon

chat support

dept collectıon

technıcal support

customer care


  • If you are not happy with your CRM solution we can design it for you
  • We have the ability to use the best CRM’s in the Market.(Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics)
  • We keep available seats for the new clients to speed up the startup phase
  • We are ready to go bilingual or multilingual operation

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  • We provide everything you need
  • IVR, CTI, ACD, Dialer, Call Recording, Voice Message, Performance & Quality Management
  • We also offer Cloud IVR
  • Support phone number
  • If you already have an IVR, no problem we can adapt that too


  • Our servers are always up to date
  • We never miss a firmware update
  • On agent workstations, we always have the latest technology too
  • We use the best Headsets to deliver the best
  • 99% uptime guaranteed, Your Support line never goes silence


  • We create the Agent profile based on your needs
  • Every operation and team has their own skill matrix
  • We use the most popular Job listing platforms 
  • Every Interview is done by our expert recruiters 
  • We prepare hiring exams according to the profile requirements
  • We know that turnover prevention begins with accurate hiring


  • We are well aware that reporting is the most important thing in daily operation management
  • Reporting will be ready from day 1
  • We create custom reporting based on your needs
  • We learn your reporting tools and merge them with ours
  • We create Root Cause analysis and Corrective action plans in order to improve every day
  • We raise the flag where you as a brand to focus on.
  • We also develop ideas for your business processes to make your customers life easier


  • We use our own quality management processes which we created by the best practices and COPC guidelines.
  • Quality starts with onboarding
  • Every Scorecard has Quality Scores
  • We run internal audits to ensure every operation is aligned
  • Transaction Monitoring forms are alligned with 
  • We know that turnover prevention begins with accurate hiring


  • We always keep track of the historical call volumes
  • We create our own forecast in order to be prepared
  • We also compare our forecasts with the forecasts we receive from the clients
  • Daily and intraday staff requirements are always planned and shifts are scheduled
  • We run internal audits to ensure every operation is aligned


  • Starts with onboarding
  • Bridge period has lower targets to prepare them
  • Every employee has their own performance scorecard
  • Measurement depends on the operational dynamics
  • Every Scorecard has Quality Scores, Operational KPI scores
  • We keep track of the performances
  • Monitor the training needs
  • Provide coaching or training for low performers and outliers.


  • We define the training needs based on the Agents performance, Transaction monitoring results and by walking the floor.
  • If there are so many Agents failing on a specific process we create a refreshment training
  • For the individual needs, we do the coaching
  • All training is measured by the Kirk Patric methodology and keep track of the Trainer Performance as well

Get It Done With Us

We have all the experience you need !


  • Technical Support Operations
  • Customer Services Operations
  • Sales Operations
  • Insurance Operations
  • Automobile Operations
  • E-Commerce Operations
  • Gaming Support Operations
  • Fashion Support Operations
  • Home Appliance Operations
  • Finance Operations
  • Work at Home Operations
  • Chat Support Operations
  • E-mail Support Operations
  • Social Media Support Operations
  • Multilingual Operations



  • Fulfillment Processes
  • Back Office Activities
  • Complaint Management
  • Customer Ownership
  • Courtesy Calls
  • Follow up Calls
  • Data Profiling
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion Rate
  • Quality Management
  • Transaction Monitoring


  • NPS
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • First Time Fix
  • Problem Resolution
  • Service Level
  • Average Handling Time
  • Response Rate
  • Quality Scores
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue Generation
  • Interaction
  • Response Time




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