Personal Data Protection KVKK Compliancy SERVICES IN TURKEY


Personal Data Protection KVKK Compliancy SERVICES

We provide Personal Data Protection KVKK Compliancy Services in Turkey for the Companies which Process Personal Data in Turkey. We provide a smooth guideline for your company to comply with Personal Data Protection (KVKK) law. You do not need to struggle with the requirements and the regulations. We will evaluate your processes where personal data is collected and processed and guide you to do the requirements.

We are here to help you to comply with every regulatory obligations and prevent you to get hurt by not following the processes and rules as required.


We evaluate your business processes which collects and process personal data to understand where is your company standing in terms of KVKK compliancy.
What is Personal Data Protection Law KVKK?

Define the Gaps

Start defining the gaps, create the action plan and start compliancy process by aligning the company process and procedures with the requirements.



Combined Action plans including Fundamental Actions that we will bring and the actions based on the Gap Analysis will be taken.



  • Defining the Point of Contact
  • Establishment of a Data Protection Committee
  • Creating Audit Mechanism

policiy & procedures

  • Creating Personal Data and Cookie Policy
  • Creating KVKK Protocols
  • Creating Privacy and Safety Policies
  • Creating Personal Data Collection Procedures
  • Creating Compliant Management Procedures
  • Creating Personal Data Storing and Destruction Procedure
  • Creating Technical and Management Preventive Measures
  • Creating Incident Management Procedure


  • Registration in to the Data Responsible System
  • Creating Personal Data Inventory
  • Notification of Personal Data Breaches

Contracts & consent

  • Creating Elucidation Texts
  • Editing / Updating Contracts
  • Internal Trainings
  • Creating Subscription Contracts
  • Electronic Messaging Consents

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